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Looking for a Space for
Your Next Meeting or Event? 

Great projects and events deserve a great space. An inspiring space can help you succeed in your goals, whatever they may be. Gather your team or clients both in-person and virtually in the smart meeting room of the LinkAcross Development Center, located in Skopje, Macedonia. 

Maximize your flexibility, and use our space only when you need it - once or on a regular basis, without worrying about paying rent, utilities, making coffee, or cleaning up.

How Can You Use The Space?

Business and Team Meetings

Need a quiet space for a business meeting? Maybe you work from home, but you need your team to gather together to work on a project? The professional and comfortable environment of our Center is the ideal place to execute more effectively during certain phases of your projects.

сала за деловни и тимски состаноци

Workshops and Trainings

сала за работилници и обуки

Are you planning your next workshop, seminar or training? Our Center has a seating capacity of 20 to 40 participants, depending on the layout, with the possibility of including more participants virtually who cannot attend or are located outside of Skopje. The layout of the tables and chairs can be adjusted according to your needs.

Promotions and Special Events

Gather your partners or potential customers in one place for a special event and present your new products or services. If some of your clients are abroad, a hybrid event may be the optimal solution for establishing or maintaining successful partnerships.

сала за промоции и посебни настани

What is Included?

LinkAcross Development Center offers the following features:

  • smart meeting space with a seating capacity of up to 40 guests (up to 20 guests with tables)

  • meeting space, lobby, kitchen, terrace and 2 bathrooms (170m2)

  • quiet place located in the Taftalidze neighborhood in Skopje, Macedonia

  • easy accessibility and available parking nearby

  • numerous restaurants and catering options in the area

  • open space designed in an industrial style

  • high speed optical internet (200mbps / 200mbps)

  • professional sound system and webcams

  • possibility for on-site and online attendance

  • free coffee and drinks

Full Day and Half Day Rentals

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If you need a different package of services, feel free to contact us directly.

If you need video and photography services for your event, please contact

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